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Dear fellow programmer!

I'm Pavel, I run a small developer company 4M. Almost all of us are devs or devs-turned-something-we-needed-more. We've been around for 18 years, have played with tech like databases, various back-end tech, binary desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps, TV apps, you name it. We've always been on the forefront of what's new _and_ useful but since we've seen so many evolution cycles and buzzwords that they bring, we can tell stable from experimental and offer great solutions to our clients' long-term needs/problems in more than one tech.

If we have a choice we go with C# or Java on the back-end. On the front-end, we're C++/Qt, C#/WPF on the desktop, Java and Swift on mobile, and all kinds of HTML5 tech for the web.

Currently we're building our second C# team as we have too many opportunities in the tech and too little time. We're looking both for junior and senior C#ists, so don't worry if you don't have 10 years' worth of experience under your belt -- but if you do, we'll be delighted to meet you. Also, if you're into Java, let me tell you a controversial thing: C# is like Java v2. So it's easy to change but hard to get back - and since that switch is relatively painless, javists are welcome as well.

Hear from you soon!

4mobile s.r.o.

Pro mobily programujeme od prvního okamžiku, kdy to bylo možné, od Nokie 6310i (to byl rok 2002). Umíme postavit servery (software i hardware), máme dlouholeté zkušenosti se streamingem a tradovacími aplikacemi. Momentálně máme v troubě vlastní unikátní řešení pro e-publikace, které mohutně zatřese světem vydávání časopisů a knih.

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