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Are you into HTML & CSS?

Can you handle latest CSS features - Flexbox, Grid, ..  and other with one eye closed?

Are you familiar with HMTL5 sturcture & semantics and BEM / OOCSS / SMACSS metodolody?   And what about Sass, Less, PostCSS?

  • Have you fair understanding of JavaScript programming and DOM manipulation?

  • Can you make some application even more beautiful or more easy-going at least (Basic UX/UI skills)?

  • Are you able to export/edit graphics in some of these apps Adobe Photoshop, Affinity, Figma, Sketch, Invision?

Do you prefer creative chaos and hands-on experience over dealing with more theoretical than practical issues?

Do you want to have an impact on huge bunch of people in your real delivered projects (or be stuck in a garage, dorm or in large projects without visible end or value)?

Were you able to understand the questions above? :) (yes, English is somewhat important)


Hope you answered Yes to these questions :) And that is the case we would like to talk to you about your future with us. Do not hesitate and let us know about you!  

Explore what we can offer you:

  • multitude of cooperation options (external, internal, part-time, internship)
  • multitude of participation options (onsite, remote, VCs, phone)
  • team of driven and supportive colleagues, each one with strong opinion, some with a lot of experience, some as green as you (however most of them are Star Wars fans and different kinds of geeks and nerds)
  • close cooperation with very experienced (and fun) co-founders and managers, chance to meet senior client people
  • obligatory notebook and cell phone
  • offices in town centre (near Namesti Miru)
  • opportunity to learn as fast as you can while getting paid more than accordingly; depending on your performance, skills, experience and enthusiasm


We design and deliver business-technology solutions to support new product launch, multi-channel/digital sales, monitoring of operations or risk management.

What is it?

  • A playground for tech and business talents working together and having good time

  • An opportunity to develop yourself working with experienced and motivated people

  • A way to make a living with your favourite technology, if you are very good at it

  • A place where you are encouraged to show any piece of tech that we have no clue about

  • A company evolving very fast and that you can help to shape it since the first day

What it is NOT?

  • Not a “body shop” agency re-selling your time to others, we will never leave you alone.

  • No predefined roles or career path. You don’t have to wait 18 months to get more responsibility and more excitement, you just have to ask for it and earn it.

  • No rigid processes and insane waiting times.

  • Not a “startup” to raise funds and being sold one day. We are a business, not a startup.

Read why some of us decided for Enrian Partners

"After 20 years in top management consulting, I founded this Company with Milan because I wanted something more thrilling than the life in a “corporation”. Anyone of us in Enrian has his own view of what we are and what we want and can achieve, but personally I dream of building a team with no equals in the IT industry, with a different working approach and very diverse mix of highly talented people. A team so strong to be able to design and deliver technology innovation to large companies as fast as they would be a small startup. From our joint past professional experience, we may know some tricks on how to make this happen but the fun part is what we are learning on the way."

Enrico, founding partner


"Let’s be very straightforward. For many years we have seen together with Enrico (one of us from the angle of management consulting, the other one from the angle of large IT) the same phenomenon. Computing power is growing, amount of data is skyrocketing, simply Moore’s law at work. Man day price in IT industry went down rapidly in the last decade. But… IT budgets of corporations are almost the same or growing. And we are not sure if they are serving their customers better than they were ten or twenty years ago. We intend to change this, maybe just a little bit, but we definitely will."

MIlan, founding partner


"I want to work with people I like, respect, and trust. I’m passionate about improving human action through technology. And I’m damn too tired of all the red tape in the corporate world. Therefore, having the opportunity to build and shape Enrian Partners into a place for people with similar spirit is just plain awesome."



"I have spent 7 years gaining experience in one of the large consulting corporations helping to build IT landscapes and waging a war against rules and policies of corporations of both client and my employer. Once I realized, that while changing the client is cumbersome, tiring and slow, however possible, changing my own employer was even more cumbersome and less possible. Now, Enrian is a beautiful lightweight company, where we are trying to bring the change to the clients, without having to struggle with the change inside."



"I have always wanted to be able to shape the place where I work and in Enrian I have a unique chance of doing so. It is a young company with a small team and each of us has their strength and weaknesses, but we are always willing to listen to suggestions, different views, opinions and feedback of the others. I also love learning and working on various things and now I have the opportunity to do it and have never heard any sentences that I hate from corporations like "This is out of your scope", "This isn't your job description", etc. In  Enrian I have learned more in the 6 months while I'm here than in the last couple of years in my previous jobs. Finally, I think we have some of the best people to work with and learn from in their respective fields, we are working on cool and interesting projects and having fun along the way. People spend countless hours of their lives at work and for me it's important for that work to be fun, interesting, meaningful and in a great environment. The Enrian team provides that for me."



"I love business. I love technology. And I don’t like politics (beyond the reasonable). Also, it is clear to me that B2B (business-to-business) IT is the “ill man of industries”. More time is spent on arguing who is right and who is wrong than on actually DOING things that matter. And that’s why I have joined Enrian - to follow my passion and do IT differently - to show the world that it CAN BE DONE. Oh, and not to forget, I love the thrill of marching at the point of the wedge (see Roman military formations) with people I trust by my side."

Martin L.


"Being an engineer by both education and mindset I find a great deal of satisfaction in producing tangible things that work and people really love to use. Thus after almost a decade in top consulting I heard this strong calling of my passion again. Now in Enrian I am enjoying every day the immersive atmosphere of a creative chaos, when something new (in our case nothing less than a new kind of a service that changes the world of IT) is being formed through continuous intellectual boxing ("wild reasoning" as we call it) with my colleagues, using our combined extensive and diverse professional experiences while trying out new ways of doing things. Last but not least I am enjoying all of this with a group of like-minded people who are not only fun to work with, but who remain humble and open-minded despite of all their previous, often quite substantial, achievements."



"Wasting time on calls or meetings with no sense, creating PPT slides to pass product gates knowing my managers simply don’t care, filling cumbersome forms to get a server, bending software to work in ways it was never meant to operate… I had my share. Enrian means rapid change, integrity instead of policies, and most of all, passion for what we do. I love it!"

Martin N.

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