Liftago is the best-rated taxi-hailing app for iOS, Android in the world and also web solution ✌️ Locally, we're learning to build a unique auction platform for on-demand mobility - so we can scale it globally.

As a Prague based Czech start-up, we've been building the ultimate marketplace for mobility since 2012, starting with taxis. With more 300,000 customers, we've built a basis for future growth and innovations in moblity.

Today, Liftago is the best-rated ride-hailing app for iOS and Android globally and also a web-based solution for corporate clients. We enable passengers to choose among offers of drivers nearby by ETA, price, rating and car. We also brought natural competition among professional drivers where none existed. This brought us the quality of service and ❤️ of drivers that stick with us for the long run.

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>>> Seznam Zprávy (Janek Rubeš vs Ondřej Krátký, Liftago co-founder, CEO): Mění taxislužbu v Praze. Odvážný inovátor říká: Mít vlastní auto ve městě bude jednou zbytečné.

>>> Financial Times (on Martin Hausenblas, Liftago founder): Changemakers in central and eastern Europe

>>> Forbes on the €4M+ investment from Livesport into Liftago

Liftago chooses the ethical path towards the future. With good intentions for the sake of passengers, drivers, transportation partners as well as cities we live in (and traffic we suffer in), we're building a sustainable solution over speedy business.

Our vision is to make different modes of transportation work together and help replace the need for own cars in the cities. We will make urban transportation so accessible that people will naturally give up their own cars in favor of on-demand mobility.

Liftago was founded by Martin Hausenblas (the Liftago visionary), Juraj Atlas (Co-Founder) and Ondrej Kratky (Co-Founder, CEO). Our team of 30+ people has a strict no-jerks policy :-) If you have an interesting experience to contribute, feel free to drop us a line even if you cannot find a fitting job opening.

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