What’s the point in doing things unless you care about them? Here at, we care about travel. We care about sending people on amazing journeys. And we care about doing it well.

We do everything you need to get airborne. From finding routes you never even knew existed, to online booking and reservations for anything you need to take with you, all the way through to our Guarantee to rescue you if you miss a connection. What’s not to love? is a groundbreaking search engine for flight tickets. We use virtual interlining to provide our customers with flight combinations they would otherwise struggle to find. On top of that, we add the Guarantee. Even if our customers book an itinerary combined of different low cost carriers, we’ll still take care of them if they miss any connecting flight due to a delay. Our interface is user-friendly and takes into consideration even those not so standard inquiries — do you want to fly anywhere? Is your budget limited? Are you planning to visit 10 countries in 4 days? We’re ready.

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Product Data Analyst
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Backend Python Developer (Core project)
Praha Brno Full-time

Javascript (React) Developer
Praha Brno Full-time

Brno Full-time

Atlassian Administrator
Praha Brno Full-time

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