ReactJS/Mobx/TS programmer in hot travel startup Nový

Zaměstnanec s možností získání podílu


… are a fresh travel startup with already proven business model and thousands of happy customers. Now we’re looking for developers to help us scale the platform for the exciting challenge of exponential growth ahead of us.


… are familiar with fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming,
… master Javascript on advanced level,
… love ReactJS (Redux, Mobx),
… have worked with TypeScript, or know another static typed language,
… know how to work with SQL databases,
… might have experience with NodeJS, which would be a huge advantage,
… should have experience with MongoDB,
… are predominantly a team player with the ability to work on independent tasks
… speak English on working level and have a valid EU work permit

Together we build …

… a scalable service with global impact,
… a user-centered UX with meticulous attention to detail,
… a beautifully designed, clean-coded, integrated booking & logistics system,
… in TypeScript, ReactJS/Mobx, NodeJS and MongoDB
… in one universal project with infinitely reusable components

And enjoy the usual and unusual benefits like …

… a sunny villa-office in Prague 5 with easy parking & public transit nearby,
… diverse multi-national team,
… everyday challenge and immediate impact of everything you do,
… competitive salary & stock option plan,
… flexible working hours and unlimited vacation,
… great coffee & snacks,
… bbq chill and all-company parties on the rooftop terrace,
… free travel with Daytrip drivers,
… never running out of NERF ammo



Platform for sigthseeing transfers with local drivers.

Every traveler deserves real insight into the cultures of countries they’re visiting. 
And every amazing place on Earth deserves to be visited and recognized. 
We believe unique local knowledge and real human connection are irreplaceable 
when it comes to true comprehension of another culture.

With this vision in mind we created Daytrip, a platform dedicated to connecting travelers between 
major cities and tourist spots with local guides, in the summer of 2015. We’re a diverse 
team with years of combined experience in travel industry and information 
technology, apart from being passionate travel enthusiasts ourselves.

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