Machine Learning Engineer Aktuální

Spaceknow Inc.

We are seeking senior / junior Machine Learning Engineers or Data Scientists to join our growing team in Prague to advance the state of the art in novel machine learning approaches and data science tools for processing satellite images. You should have a proven track record of creatively solving difficult problems and you should enjoy spending your time writing code and producing results. Having an experience with big data analysis, image processing, deep neural networks and cloud computation is a great plus.


Following qualifications that will make you a perfect candidate:


  • Software development experience in data manipulation, data mining or prototype development using Python (agile development, software version control, continuous integration, test driven development, pair programming, rapid prototyping).

  • Data analysis and signal processing skills with an ability to independently prototype machine learning (deep learning) pipelines.

  • Understanding of mathematical modeling, computer vision, statistical analysis, data mining.

  • Skilled in creative, strategic thinking and an ability to propose and deliver simple solutions to complex puzzles.

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

  • Self-motivated and independent.

  • Masters or PhD in computer science, machine learning, data science or signal processing.


Joining SpaceKnow, you will join a young team of talented and highly motivated people who strive to make an impact on the world but also have fun along the way.


Who we are?

Founded in 2013, SpaceKnow is a Silicon Valley startup with offices in both San Francisco and Prague. As a data analytics company, working with commercial satellite data, SpaceKnow strives to bring transparency to the global economy by monitoring trends and changes on the planet.


What we do?

At SpaceKnow, we are currently building satellite imagery analytics as a service platform. Imagine you store detailed imagery of the whole continents, then efficiently run algorithms on them in a highly-distributed and reliable way, while aggregating the results into a few key metrics.


Spaceknow Inc.

Founded in 2013, Spaceknow, Inc. is an aerospace, Silicon Valley, venture capital-backed startup. Spaceknow works by bringing transparency to the global economy by tracking global economic trends from space through their Analytics-as-a-Service products. The company develops these products for monitoring economic activity for a wide variety of both consumer and enterprise clients.

Spaceknow developed a proprietary interface to access multiple imagery provider’s image archives and data feeds. Currently we have unified access to three operators with new ones being added monthly. Spaceknow is working towards a future where all the world’s imaging platforms are available through our interface.

Spaceknow Intelligence product presents an integrated geospatial processing dataflow. 

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