Distributed Systems Software Engineer at Operam Aktuální

Bratislava, Praha

Operam is looking for a passionate, courageous, collaborative Distributed Systems Software Engineer. We value professionals that balance intelligence with maturity, drive with humility, stress with humor, healthy lack of fear of uncertainty with process and trust in others.

You will be working with our Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Product, Design teams to architect, implement and maintain distributed systems that support our growing use of big data / streaming data in AI-assisted insights reporting and action automation products. Our tools are used by some of the biggest studios in Hollywood, and you'll have a direct impact on the marketing and release of major motion pictures.

Marketing and Advertising technology stack changes all the time. Our mix of technologies is reassessed and tweaked all the time.

You are a fit if you have:

  • Strong drive towards continuous learning and tinkering with new toys.
  • Clear signs of being a crafty polyglot.
  • Master of Python AND JavaScript (NodeJS minimum, browser-side stacks a plus).
  • Demonstrable experience or profound actionable interest in Go, JVM-based variants like Clojure, Scala, or some functional language you secretly hold dear to your heart.
  • Multiple signs of participation in building of distributed, micro-service-based systems.
  • Clear signs of understanding and building request-response vs reactive distributed systems.
  • Strong experience with AWS queue and messaging services (Kinesis, SQS, SNS), data stores (Redshift, DynamoDB, RDS (PostgreSQL preferred), ElastiCache (Redis), S3), hosted runtimes (ECS/EKS/Beanstalk, Lambda).
  • Track record of tinkering with self-hosted messaging and database servers (Kafka/RabbitMQ, Mongo/Cassandra/Aerospike etc) and ability to explain good and bad sides of your choices.
  • Demonstrable ability to work with cloud functions (AWS Lambda / Google Cloud Functions) and Serverless.
  • A good story of how you played with and compared various Big Data hosted and on-prem databases.
  • Clear signs of being a practicing craftsman of Terraform and/or Ansible with a sprinkling of Chef, Puppet or something that really worked for you to close the gaps Terraform and Ansible leave.
  • Definite signs of knowing how to build (Docker) containers and history of use of these in (a) local development, (b) cloud (including a story of what cloud provider was used, which service and why).
  • Clear signs of playing with Kubernetes (local and/or hosted).
  • Some experience supporting Data Science pipelines and runtimes (various Python-based stacks, Jupyter, Spark).
  • Affection for expressing system design in documentation and charts, with some clear examples you can share with us.
  • Understanding of and love for some task management system (Jira, Asana, etc) and an explanation for why a system like that helps you as opposed to holding you back.
  • Extreme bias for collaboration and comfort in reliance on other peoples' expertise. Extreme aversion to "Not Invented Here" kind of thinking. Affection for structured argument supported by rational, written narrative that can be reused for education of others and reference long after you forgot why a given decision was made.
  • Good experience communicating with remote departments that work in timezones different from yours.

Preferred industry exposure:

  • Ad Tech, Marketing Tech, or Payment Tech.
  • Worked with social graph / marketing / advertising / measurement APIs of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google (Adwords, Youtube).
  • High-throughput DMP systems.


Sme Operam a pracujeme behind-the-scenes s najväčšími filmovými štúdiami v Hollywoode na vydávaní filmov.

Za posledné 2 roky sa nám podarilo vyrásť z 10 na 120 ľudí a vydali sme viac ako 80 titulov - od indie a artových filmov zo Sundance, cez Oscarové Filmy - Moonlight, až po najväčšie trháky, na ktorých si pravdepodobne bol. V Operame sme hrdí na to, že sa nám podarilo vytvoriť neskutočný tím skvelých ľudí (napríklad Jakub bol na titulke Forbes 30pod30, Roman rozprával o svojej práci a práci našich Data Scientistov na Openslave a na Newsfeed Day, a Peťo a Martin rozprávali o Operame na tyinternety.cz). Rovnako sme hrdí na to, že pracujeme s modernými technológiami a spolupracujeme s najväčšími a najzaujímavejšími technologickými firmami v priemysle - napríklad ako Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Partner a Snapchat Partner.

Čo sa týka nášho stacku, píšeme prevažne v JavaScripte (React, Redux, Express) a Pythone (scikit, fastText, TensorFlow), pracujeme s databázami PostgreSQL, MongoDB, či Redshift, a s technológiami ako Fastly, Lambda a Kinesis.

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