Game Designer Aktuální

Beresnev s.r.o.
Praha, Czechia

Creators of the "Flippy Knife", the game that was awarded as the "Best of App Store 2017", "Hyper-Casual Games" are looking for a new dev team to our studio! If you’ve always been dreaming about creating world-wide known projects, you are not afraid of challenges, you’re the person we search for! We’re more than regular company, we’re real community of people who loves everything they do, we are professionals agonizing over a single detail in the project, we are friends spending a great times together.


You'll have to:

  • Create an idea, mechanics and core-gameplay for studio's own games;
  • Develop a system of monetization, retention,  meta - updates;
  • Participate in game's setting development: creating game's world,  its details, history, conception of events;
  • Make the vision for the game's prototype, control the work on its production;
  • Create and maintain project's documentation: technical assignments, concepts;
  • Control  a full cycle of work: from the statement of the problem to its implementation;
  • Search references, make a vision for upcoming gameplay, description of locations;
  • Interact with developers and designers, make the tasks, verificate  performance of the team.

You should have:

  • A great desire to make games and do this better than everyone else;
  • Experience in apps' developing  for mobile platforms: from prototype to release;
  • Knowledge and understanding of different game mechanics, the ability to combine and adapt them to the needs of the project;
  • An ability to correctly and clearly express your thoughts and ideas;
  • Experience  in working with documentation;
  • Experience in analyzing game and development statistics, making consolidated reports;
  • A great wish of self-improvement,  readiness to gain knowledge from colleagues, willingness to share knowledge, to help with the current projects support.

It’d be great if you also have:

  • Experience in launching own projects (outside of large studios);
  • Desire to participate in adjacent development areas;
  • Wide experience and erudition in the field of video games industry.

We offer:

  • Cozy and modern office, situated in historical center of Prague;
  • Comfortable workspace with MAC or PC (up to your choice);
  • Working on unique projects;  
  • Official employment and relocation support;
  • Fitness pass;
  • Parties;
  • Comfortable business time.

We’re looking forward for your CV / Portfolio.

Beresnev s.r.o.

Přátelský mezinárodní tým, nacházející se v centru Prahy, hledá nové parťáky! Pokud chceš tvořit projekty světové úrovně a nebojíš se výzev, pak potřebujeme právě tebe! Hlavním zaměřením naši společnosti jsou hry pro mobilní zařízení. V naší práci klademe důraz hlavně na originalitu, uměleckou stránku projektu a propracování detailů. Jedna z našich her «Flippy Knife» získala ocenění «Best of App Store 2017» v nominaci «Hyper-Casual Games».

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