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Dear PM/PM-in-the-making,

we're a (not-so-small any more) dev company with a knack for solutions that won't just work now but also 5 years from now. So we're not your typical young&flexible dev shop, we've been around for 20 years and therefore we strive to be THE place to turn to if someone is looking to solve a seemingly impossible problem - or a problem that would otherwise require participation of several vendors (and the sync headaches and other suboptimalities involved).

We're usually the hidden ace up the sleeve of our clients - but I'm sure you've heard of a couple great companies we've worked with: Tesco, KPMG, BBC, McDonald's, Hallmark, IDG, Samsung, T-Mobile, FujiFilm, Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups or Volkswagen.

So what is that magic that these guys can work - I'm sure you're asking this by now. Let me give you two examples:

  1. A client needs a good solution for Scan&Shop (in other words - you scan barcodes as you shop so you save a lot of time at the cash register later on). We sit down and create an entire solution for this in record time. It's more than meets the eye: sure, you have an app for iOS and Android, but also one for the laser scanners you can borrow at the shop, there's also a welcome screen that takes care of these devices that needs programming, there's a re-scan app, there's a back-end service, custom device management, custom stats, and of course, there's a couple of integrations with the client's systems, some of which are not really made to be integrated with. But there's more - the scanners are being stolen, so we devise a protection scheme that involves both HW and SW. And once the need for a secure exit flow for mobile payments is required, we integrate a number of devices, add a controller - and we deliver a turnstile solution for that as well.
  2. Another client requires a music streaming solution (along the lines of Spotify). So we sit down, research and design - and develop a turnkey solution. This means all your server types, all front-facing apps for the web, desktop and mobile, all the tools you need to ingest, cobvert and manage music, a salesfront for high-quality music. And also optimized server hardware to make running the service cheaper. Plus a super-low-cost solution to store hundreds of terabytes of primary data.

Okay, that's the WHO part. The WHY part is simple enough: we're growing, and since we need to assure the same level of great service that we provide now for more clients, we need someone to coordinate the many projects we're working on since our founders can't take the load any more. So you'll be working directly for them - and you'll be mentored by them. Sounds like a nice opportunity to grow, if you ask me.

The WHAT part is threesome - sometimes a project requires them all, sometimes it's just a subset of these:
A. Product management = product design, management and overall responsibility for the product's success overall.
B. Project management = keeping tabs on the project plan's creation and execution, talking to all kinds of devs, checking progress, securing pre-requisites and making sure everything's aligned in the way that we deliver a quality result on time.
C. Account management = day-to-day communication with the client, often in EN, sometimes in CZ. Keeping the relationship working and ensuring the client is getting everything they need - and that we are getting everything we need as well.

So the PM is the glue that holds a project together and ensures it gets done well at all cost.

Okay, now for the WHOM part = what you'll need to be happy with this job. And us, of course.
I. People skills. No client wants to talk to grumpy, insensitive counterparts. We love what we do, so your attitude should be the very same.
II. Multitasking. Keeping many balls in the air at the same time is a must. You know, that feeling that you have many things going well down your spine.
III. 110% assurance. If you organize a party and want everyone to appear on time, you make sure they don't forget - several times.
IV. Biz-tech bridge. Talk human to clients, tech to devs. Understand there are non-technical reasons for doing something this or the other way. But know the tech side as well - really, really well (working with geeks requires a certain level of tech proficiency). Embrace uncertainty.
V. Nit-picker. Have everything in order and documented, just in case.
VI. "How should this work best". Ability to come up with optimal solutions for the requirements served. Cut the non-essential, simplify the complex.
VII. A nice personality that fits with our no-nonsense, friendly workplace.

Congratulations! You've survived this long. That's a good sign. Now let me know, and we'll see where that leads us.


4mobile s.r.o.

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