We have built the largest audio-visual search engine in the World allowing creators, musicians and rights holders to understand the usage of their content and help them to earn more money while exposing their content to wider audiences.

Pex is a video analytics & rights management platform that is able to find and track video & audio content anywhere on the Web. Thanks to a set of proprietary algorithms, Pex is able to find copies of multimedia content even when it has been tampered with (cropped, changed aspect ratio, recorded on camera, added logo, changed colors, etc.). The resulting product is a cross-platform, independent and reliable service that provides content creators & rights holders insight into the real consumption of their content and helps them resolve copyright infringements.

To date, Pex has signed all major music labels and publishers as clients, supporting everything from their DRM efforts and licensing to A&R and marketing. In addition, Pex counts as clients major movie studios, brands and ad agencies using its services to track their content across platforms in order to get a better understanding its impact.

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