Invitaion to #TruPrague 2018

If you are a recruiter, talent manager, HR director or just an HR enthusiast, you shouldn't miss #TruPrague, which is taking place on September 13th at Opero! Save the date and meet many special guests including Bill Boorman, Adam Gordon or Josef Kadlec!


Glen, can you briefly introduce TruPrague? Who is organising this event?

#TruPrague is the recruitment event (un)conference format started by British recruitment industry ‘Guru’ Bill Boorman 10 years ago.

100s of #Tru recruitment events have been held around the World over the years.

#tru events are full of really interesting and stimulating recruitment conversation. Each conversation is called a ‘Track’ and will be lead by one or more Track Leaders, who are experts in their field.

Source-Code, along with our local partners and friends at GoodCall, are organising the event in Prague this year.


Is this the first event from #truMunity?

There was in fact a #TruPrague event about 8 years ago. We’ve decided to bring it back to Prague and make it an annual fixture in the Worldwide #truMunity event schedule


Who shouldn’t miss this “unconference”?

Any recruiters, talent acquisition managers, HR & Recruitment Directors etc. who want to learn about new technologies and trends in recruitment.


What is the programme for TruPrague? Do you have any special guests?

You can find the full event schedule here:

We have a number of special guests travelling across from the UK to lead tracks at #TruPrague including Bill Boorman himself, founder of #truMunity and advisor to several UK recruitment technology businesses. He will be discussing the future impact of AI in recruitment.

Also coming over from the UK are Mark Lundgren (Host of the Sourcing Challenge Show), Adam Gordon (Candidate I.D. founder) and Stephen O’Donnell (PocketRecruiter).

We also have local Czech recruitment experts leading tracks on the day including Josef Kadlec (GoodCall/The Recruitment Academy), Ondrej Prochazka (Technical Sourcer from Facebook London) and Natalie Zahorska (HR Director, Dimesion Data).


When and where is this event taking place? Can we buy tickets online?

The event is taking place on 13th September from 15.00 - 21.00 at ‘Opero’ on Salvatorska Ul. Event tickets include food, drinks and after event networking. Tickets can be purchased through the #TruPrague website.