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ROI Hunter je pokročilá Facebook Ads platforma, vytvořená experty na e-commerce a digitální marketing tak, aby šetřila čas a zvýšila příjmy z reklamy na Facebooku. Brněnská společnost ROI Hunter se jako první firma ze střední a východní Evropy dostala do elitní padesátky oficiálních partnerů Facebooku. Jako takzvaný Preferred Marketing Developer obsluhuje největší klienty sociální sítě, a to nejenom české, ale i TOP zahraniční klienty.

First steps

Your initial task at ROI Hunter will be focused on parts of the system that you will work on in the future. We may not start with Facebook's API at the beginning, but you can be sure this first task will teach you a lot, not just about our technology but also about how we work together. You will receive as much support as you need and even though it seems we have a lot of work and it is dangerous to disturb us :p, you have to come, ask, disturb and get the answers you need.

And once you finish your first task (yes, this also includes tests…;p), you will initiate a pull request so a colleague can review your code and give you feedback – we really want the code of our services to be very clear and support developers to share their learnings. When your task is merged, it is time for new challenges - and now we can maybe focus more on Facebook API, Google API, the core of our system or other micro-services.

More, give me more…

So what will your first task be? Hmmm, it depends on the part of the system you will work on after.

On our backend the system is comprised of 5 micro-services that are connected to the ROI Hunter core. These services are written in Java and Python, some of them use PostgressDB, MongoDB and others ElasticSearch. Nothing is decided forever, so we will always keep an open mind to see what the future holds for us - and the future is really up to us. We have a lot of freedom to try new technologies and as a consequence of this comfortable position, we want to keep testing in order to stay on the digital edge. So when you have some interesting technology in mind that could help us to solve our challenges, we are more than happy to support you in discovering it for our needs.

On our frontend you will most probably work as a React developer with Redux and ImmutableJS. No worries, we will get together to explain to you what is going on and how these things work. To get a 360° view and to develop the best possible products for our clients, we will also tell you how our clients usually work with our system and how they think about advertising.

Currently, there are 10 backend and 8 frontend developers in our team, so you can be sure that there is a lot of experience waiting to be shared using tools like Slack, Redmine, Github, Intercom and Trello. As mentioned already, we are putting a lot of energy into exploring new technologies because we believe that this will give us the spark that differentiates us!


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