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Neuron soundware
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We are looking for an IoT software specialist.

Do you want to design and managed edge/computing device?
Learn more about machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Join our growing team in Prague: 

  • Your responsibility will be to build and manage IoT devices and sensors and integrate of these IoT devices into the managed platform.
  • You should have an extensive experiences of creatively solving difficult problems and you should enjoy spending your time tinkering with IoT software.

Previous experiences with RPI are a great plus.

Neuron soundware

Neuron soundware has developed a diagnostic technology which provides an early detection of broken machines. A sound of the car engine indicate the root of issue. We can automate the analysis using our digital brain, which emulates auditory cortex.

Neuron soundware technology focuses on the early detection and prediction of mechanical malfunction of machinery in manufacturing industry. The unique pre-processing of the input data via complex physical sensor model allows neural network to learn and identify the important features quickly with high confidence. 

Industry 4.0 solution - Make your factory smart using our IoT devices

Neuron soundware technology works offline and online and can be integrated into existing software or third party IoT platforms. This effectively transforms energy use into knowledge and actions. Sound and vibration sensors (microphones) can be quickly and cheaply installed on all types of machinery, enabling legacy equipment to be digitised without expensive upgrades. 

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