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Blindspot Solutions
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Who are we?
Blindspot Solutions is a fast-growing company, delivering precisely engineered software solutions standing on the principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence, physical security, and resource optimization. We are providing end to end solutions for startups, established companies, and government organizations.

What type of projects would you be working on?

We have very complex projects from the area of cybersecurity, developing novel modules and products for different companies. We process a huge amount of data and we are developing and deploying custom anomaly detection algorithms to find the needle in the cyber haystack. The user interface is very complex and it has to display dense information on a single screen. 

We are utilizing our optimization platform to develop systems for the automotive and supply chain. The challenge is to develop a stand-alone application integrated with customer's infrastructure, utilizing the optimization framework which digests specially processed master data (which are loaded from customer's databases or added/edited manually within the app).

Also, utilization of AI in HR is a new kid on the block - we are building systems for employees for various companies. The systems work with sensitive data and we have to give the user look&feel of privacy even though we train our algorithms on their anonymized data. 

We are looking for someone with

  • Solid software development skills using JVM languages (Kotlin/Scala/Java) or Python
  • Solid knowledge of databases - SQL is a must, NoSQL a plus
  • Rich experience with production-grade software development - your code runs in production and you are proud of it
  • Experience with software project management - you managed to deliver requested features on time and on budget
  • Strong Experience with dev ops - you can design and implement various deployment pipelines
  • Computer science/ engineering/math education (ideally MSc equivalents) - you can work with graph algorithms, you understand complexity classes and you can decompose complex problems into a set of simpler ones
  • Machine learning techniques are a plus

What do we offer:

  • Opportunity to participate in the growth of the young company - you learn faster than in the corporate environment
  • Work with a motivated and super-skilled team of professionals
  • Work on different projects from different industries (cybersecurity, automotive, retail, supply chain management, and others) and with different types of clients (tech startups or big companies)
  • Responsibility for your own work
  • Motivational financial evaluation
  • Cool office in the center of Prague 
  • Career growth (if we see a genuine interest, nothing is impossible)
  • Company-sponsored breakfasts, lunches, and snacks every week
  • Company events (seminars, hackathons, teambuildings)

What do we expect:

  • Ability to learn fast- you are not afraid of understanding new libraries and frameworks, reading a journal paper, or peaking into bleeding edge technologies.
  • Analytical skills and mathematical reasoning - you can't sleep so you prototype the model over the weekend, deploy it on a server and explain everything to your mom the next day
  • Teamwork - You like to work in a team, either as a leader or as a member, you can be supportive and also contribute to a fierce discussion about product design ;)

Blindspot Solutions

We are a fast growing company providing services in the area of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and optimization.

Modern companies, both large and small, struggle with the pace of innovation which is crucial for their survival and for a sustainable growth. We believe that the key to change often lies in the application of an intelligent technology standing on the principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence and optimization. We are utilizing our expertise to deliver a precisely engineered software keeping you up to speed.

We are all young engineers and AI enthusiasts focused on delivering professional software of world-class quality. We want to transfer our passion for latest AI trends into products and build a company where everyone can perfect his skills and be a part of a well coordinated team.


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