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Are you mostly having fun during the day and enjoy being the part of new innovative projects?  Are you interested in testing how things work and have you got some experience in QA already?  Do you have some experience with automation as well? Let us know about you!


We would like you to have:

  • 2 years of experience

  • Knowledge of the web and mobile development

  • At least technical level of english

  • Experience with test automation is an advantage (Selenium)


What´s waiting for you?

  • Definition of automation and manual scenarios

  • Planning of tests already during the design and development phase of software

  • Executing test scripts and reviewing results

  • Reporting and documenting technical issues


The journey with us:

  • We have developed more than 30 digital products/startups with big corporations in the past three years, and worked with some of the world’s biggest brands.

  • We have also made 5 of our own and spread the shares to people working on these startups, we want to do more of these with you if you are good.

  • We are all about learning new stuff, we want you to fail fast and fail often as long as you are learning.

  • We also want you to be a straight up guy/gal we have a no bullshit policy.

  • We are very informal, agile and have a really twisted sense of humor (don’t worry you will come to like it…one of us, one of us….).


Here’s what you get:

  • New appreciation for 90’s music, house and all sorts of other weird stuff on our #vibes Slack channel.

  • You will learn how to build digital products and understand the development end to end.

  • In-depth conversations with our Slackbot which has knowledge of the current memes and Red Dwarf trivia.

  • Unlimited vacation, as long as you are learning and doing everything agreed, everybody’s happy. Relax is necessary ;)

  • Working with people who will become more than your coworkers with frequent happy hour drinks and beers (also if you are good in Fifa, you will get schooled on our office Xbox).

  • You will have the opportunity to spend time in our NYC office if you become our top talent.


If you are successful - we want to build a startup with you, check out what we already have in store.


We are pushing the boundaries of web and mobile applications. We like to work on demanding projects which require us to use the experience of hundreds of projects and look for new solutions and use new technologies. The ability to think without limits, agile development and rapid prototyping give us the possibility to develop startups with ease. We've created more than 30 startups in the past 3 years (,, Come build with us!


We are a global digital product development company and a tech investor. We turn ideas into real life opportunities.

We develop digital products for end users.

We are ex-CEOs, former Skype developers, award-winning designers, startup investors, and more, on a mission to create quality digital products to best meet the needs of our client’s end users--products of a quality that we’d be proud to use ourselves and invest in.


We always go the extra mile

We’re always ready to do whatever it takes, roll up our sleeves, and clean up where needed, be it a project or a shared kitchen. We’re constantly thinking about how we can help our team members become more efficient when building products designed to save user’s time, and we even created a few virtual assistants to help us out. Work may not always be 9 to 5. If we have to add another feature right before our deadline, we’ll stay late to finish it because we know it’s all worth it in the end. But in general, you’re free to organize your time the way you want (are your X-Box skills in order? Want to play?) as long as you’re getting everything done.


Shared experience and beyond

When delivering the best possible products for our users, we take into account as much information as possible and test, test, test. We always expand our knowledge base by iterating and learning from our experiences. By the time we build a product, we’re not just throwing darts at a board (though you can actually do that in our office) but our extensive research and analytics give us the best jumping off point for intelligent development. Senior members help junior ones through flexible communication. We encourage a spirit of collaboration and believe that creative differences can best be settled in person over a cup of coffee, instead of endless group email threads.


Here at U+, we’re all about improving people’s lives through technology. That’s why we went as far as to create our own Startup Guide and make it available for free. This is an ever-expanding, A-to-Z collection of articles about how to build a startup, that builds on our own experience, the ups and downs, mistakes and breakthroughs, everything. We believe inspiration is limitless and want to spark others to come with us on the trail to creating awesome products. If you have a great idea in the shower, bring it to work.


We also share our know-how and continue learning through inclusive events with a diverse range of startup experts. We have events in Prague, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Our main office is located in the heart of Prague, surrounded by terrific restaurants, cafes, culture, you name it. Want to grab a coffee or beer with us after work?

Does all this sound good to you? Check out our job listings!


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