Senior Java Developer Aktuální

Blocshop s.r.o.
Praha, Brno
Full-time, Externě

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone who can really contribute to the growth of our business and work with some excellent software development peers.
  • Excellent proven Java knowledge and experience particularly with the Spring framework.
  • Experience with developing HTTP APIs.
  • Experience with non-relational databases such as Elasticsearch, Mongo etc.
  • Someone who really gets our Agile Development methods. We do it by the book.
  • Someone who loves to develop and ensure quality tested code.
  • Someone who can challenge all of us to continuously improve.

What do we offer?

  •  You will be supported by an excellent team of top engineers in a cool developer friendly environment.
  • We have fantastic office space in central Prague and will open a new central office in Brno.
  • You will be provided with best in class working equipment.
  • We are open to flexible hours and homeworking.
  • You will be mentored by a peer to support you and provided with access to conferences and other training courses to continue your development.
  • We offer profit sharing for our development community.
  • You will learn a lot and have plenty of fun with us.

About Blocshop

Based in Prague and Tbilisi and opening a new office in Brno, Blocshop is a community {family/ group/collection} of top software engineers building best in class solutions. We are proud of our mantra "keeping our commitments since 2012" as it emphasizes our company-wide focus on meeting our objectives. We are a boutique business who care deeply about staying on top of technology trends and leveraging that expertise to maintain lasting relationships with our colleagues and clients.

Blocshop s.r.o.

Blocshop is a boutique software development company with a core team that has been working together since 2012. We are focused on building Web and Mobile applications with a clear business plan and objective for the company. We have been extremely profitable for each year of our operation, and we are on track to continue that trend.

We know that there have never been so many opportunities for developers in the Czech Republic, but feel that what we offer can be compelling for the right people. 

Our approach is to keep our company small, engage 2-3 large corporate clients to fund the venture -- and then work on internal product development with the remainder of the team.

Our clients are based in Europe and the USA and we are working on two core internally developed products in additional to our client based software development activities.      

We are looking for people to join the company to grow with us. Our compensation strategy involves a bonus based on the company's performance, and a cut of revenue from any of our product launches.  This is a chance to be a part of something long-term, with an opportunity to benefit from the extremely hot market. 

In addition to the team we are building in Prague, we have a secondary workbench in Tibilisi, Georgia and a new office in Brno.  Between these offices, we hope to build competency in a variety of technologies, so we can continue to deliver for our current and future clients.


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