Sales representative (SaaS) Aktuální

At Webscope we put together great talent from software development, QA testing, graphic design, and project management to make sure we can deliver the best products to our clients on a regular basis. In 3 years that we have been around, we managed to build trust and establish successful cooperation with international clients from Norway, Switzerland, Germany, USA and many more.

With this team, we then set out to create our own product where we could use all of our experiences. That is how Goodevent came to life. We have been working on this SaaS product for over a year now and after many iterations, we are nearing to a stage where it is fully ready for the global market.

This is where you come in to complete the team. Your job will be reaching B2B customers, offering them our solution and of course gathering feedback. Since this position is, in theory, a new one you will be tasked with creating and applying your own sale process to ensure we have an overview of leads and conversions. Since you will be solely responsible for the number of sales you will have the freedom to try different things and come up with ideas on how to ensure steady growth.

You will be the first on the line to communicate with customers while working closely with the business development manager to try and evaluate different strategies and to complete your efforts with our marketing activities.

If you prove yourself and the sales will grow you could be the center of a newly created Sales and Marketing team and be part of our success story in an already fast-growing company.

What do we offer:

  • 7.5 working day
  • Flexible working hours
  • A possibility of home office
  • Start-up environment
  • Freedom to try different approaches and set up your own processes
  • You will frequently travel and attend conferences to promote our product and company
  • Competitive salary + Provision from completed sales

How do we picture our new Sales representative:

  • Pro-active and highly motivated
  • Goal-driven and resourceful
  • Easy-going with a professional attitude
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Previous experience with Sales processes and CRM tools
  • Previous involvement in the event industry is a plus
  • Creative mind with a knack for growth hacking strategies

If you want to prove yourself and have a chance to start something new and exciting, then apply and come to meet us in our Brno office @Moravské náměstí 3.

Jsme brněnská IT firma se specializaci na front-end vývoj mobilních a webových aplikací.

Zabýváme se vývojem SPA a mobilních aplikací s použitím nejmodernějších javascriptových trendů (React, Redux, Webpack, Ramda.js, ES6/ES7, atd.). 

Pracujeme na zajímavých projektech pro zákazníky zejména ze skandinávských zemí (Nórsko, Fínsko) ale i jiných zahraničních klientů (Švýcarsko, Slovinsko, Turecko-USA). 
Radi se však pouštíme i do vlastních start-up projektů v oblastí mobilních a webových aplikací s globálním potenciálem. 

Sídlime v centru Brna hneď vedľa kina Scala s výhledem přímo na sochu Jošta. Sme mladý rýchle rostoucí tím. Radi dávame šancu i študnetům a lidem na part-time. Občas si zahráme stolný futbálek v kancli a raz za čas zájdeme spolu i na tembuilding. 

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