UX & Performance Magician for Daytrip Aktuální

Part-time, Externě

Daytrip is a platform that helps travelers move efficiently and discover more of authentic Europe - wait, now also Asia - with local private drivers.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far and excited that customers love our service & our tech keeps up with the demand.


From the get-go, we decided to sell our service the hard, but ultimately more rewarding, way - direct to consumers. We know the value of each 0.1% change in conversion rate and the cost of every little confusion or wasted click. That’s why we realized it's time for some serious UX Magic.

We’re looking for someone who could spend some time with us, get to know our customer closely and help us turn mydaytrip.com into the world’s most efficient & user friendly ground transport platform!


Are you up to the challenge?


Platform for sigthseeing transfers with local drivers.

Every traveler deserves real insight into the cultures of countries they’re visiting. 
And every amazing place on Earth deserves to be visited and recognized. 
We believe unique local knowledge and real human connection are irreplaceable 
when it comes to true comprehension of another culture.

With this vision in mind we created Daytrip, a platform dedicated to connecting travelers between 
major cities and tourist spots with local guides, in the summer of 2015. We’re a diverse 
team with years of combined experience in travel industry and information 
technology, apart from being passionate travel enthusiasts ourselves.

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