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About the company / UENI (

Headquartered in London, UENI (pronounced you-en-eye) was founded by two Harvard Business School graduates with the aim of democratising the access to a digital presence for small local businesses such as dentists, hairdressers or electricians. Even today, the vast majority of small local services business are still offline. On top of the question of cost; time and knowledge are the biggest drivers of the slow penetration. To address this issue, UENI sends out “walkers” who gather extensive data on a business, including services and prices, and then pre-build their content so that the business owner does not have to. UENI’s sales agent then call these businesses, show their pre-built content and convert them.

For paid customers, UENI also creates a google my business page and social media presence. For businesses that do not have a physical presence (e.g. plumbers), UENI works with associations to ensure the quality and validity of the businesses.

UENI focuses on breadth (cities over 100k people) and depth (high density coverage within a neighborhood). Thus far, UENI has collected data on ~400k+ small businesses across 11 Western European countries in six major languages. They aim to reach the 1 million company mark by the end of the year. Thus far, UENI have raised EUR 11 million from an impressive list of ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs and have started raising another EUR 7-10 million to match their aggressive growth plans.

UENI intends to maintain its pace of growth through continued expansion.


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About the Prague office:

UENI opened a new office Prague in January '18 as a result of their growing business and success throughout Europe. The new team of developers will help the company grow further. UENI currently have 10+ employees in Prague and the number is expected to grow. 

Location: Holečkova 31, Praha 5 (Smíchov)

The Role:

  • Senior architectural design and development person of the UENI platform ensuring high performance, solid reliability, strong resilience and high flexibility.
  • Work closely with product management/leadership teams to design and build new features and insightful metrics focused on making top class user experience.
  • Be a senior developer, using primarily Python.
  • Build tools and drive system improvements to make it easier for customer and internal teams to adopt and use the platform.
  • Provide technical leadership to team members and application developers.
  • Have strong understanding of SQL technologies, model design and noSQL technologies like ElasticSearch and MongoDB.
  • Have expertise in API development for mobile/web use
  • Have good understanding of web security

The UENI dev team currently consists of 9 developers of varying experience. We are working on a tech stack of Kubernetes, Docker, MySQL, Python3 + Django.


As we aim to provide online presence for "the long tail" of small and micro businesses, much of our work is very data driven. Many of the challenges on the dev team are around this large data set, providing internal tools to other teams to create, interact with, and manipulate this data. We are also delivering the end product to our clients, striving to provide the best digital presence we can which is cost effective and tech savvy on their side (aka automated whenever possible).

Developers are required to interact with the other teams to understand their needs and provide simple, reliable technological solutions. We are fast paced and still discovering what we can do well, and so no developer can expect to be handed simple instructions to implement in a bubble.



  • Work with brilliant people from 14+ nationalities who love what they do
  • Make an impact by building your department from scratch
  • Career progression: personal development, autonomy, responsibility
  • Competitive salary & generous equity options, employees eligible for grants every 6 months
  • Holiday increases with each year of service
  • Generous referral scheme
  • Support for in-house and external training for professional development
  • Centrally located office, fun team spirit, coffee & snacks on us



CZK 100-130k monthly, depending on experience





Launched in 2015, UENI (pronounced you-en-eye) is a well-funded (£15m+ raised) growth company that helps small businesses go online. For £1 per day, UENI creates the business a professional website and gets it on the platforms it needs to be on in order to compete. Combining extensive data collection with the most up-to-date tech, UENI already digitised 1,000,000+ small businesses, and we are just getting started.

Our state of the art platform allows local businesses to gain exposure to thousands of new local customers, simplifying the way users find and book the right services for them, based on their preferences. We accurately acquire venues and services at speed, to index them so they become searchable and to store them so our marketplace becomes dense with content. We are teaching our machines to learn for themselves, to recognise unique offerings through association.  
Our founders, both educated at Harvard Business School, came from successful careers in consulting, private equity and business development to start UENI. They have created an environment that pushes creativity and challenges each member of the team to reach their full potential.  

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