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Javascript developer

We’re 24i and we deeply believe in our cause: “Engineering the future of TV”. Currently, the global demand for our products is going through the roof! So we’re looking for new talent like you to support our team of experts. Wanna join the ride with us? We will be happy to welcome you to our 24i team!

About 24i Media

At 24i we create and deploy TV apps for every screen, from set-top boxes, Smart TVs and media players to game consoles, tablets and mobile phones.

From our offices in Madrid, Amsterdam, Brno and across the world our team has been working on many cool projects over the last ten years. Our clients include major Dutch, Spanish and international brands, such as Pathé, RTL, SBS, FOX Sports, RTVE, Nubeox, RTP and HBO. We’re constantly working to be on the cutting edge of TV, an area of technology which is evolving at immense speed. This attitude has made us the market leader in the Netherlands, and we’re looking to grow further.

Role description:

As JavaScript Developer you will work on creating beautiful, well performing Smart TV apps for our international clients. You will join our team of experienced developers and designers, who will get you up to speed with the ins and outs of developing for TV in no time. Let the world to see your work!

Most TV platforms are web-based, so you will make heavy use of your skills in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. The central pillar of much of our software is a JavaScript library, which allows us to easily write TV apps once and deploy them to many different TV platforms easily. You will become fluent in its use in our existing and new apps.

In addition to working on the various products and projects in our portfolio, we expect you to participate in and proactively suggest R&D projects when interesting new technology emerges which is relevant to the TV market.

Key responsibilities:

  • Developing state-of-the-art coding solutions for TV’s, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and any other device that is connected to your TV

  • Assisting in the development of various projects and products in our portfolio, as member of a team with other developers and designers

  • Researching new, emerging technologies in the TV market to keep us on the cutting edge

  • Learning new technologies and skills in the quickly evolving world of TV

What would make you perfect for the job

  • Experience with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Good grasp of English language

  • Eagerness to learn!

Extra’s that would be great

  • Experience with developing for Smart TV platforms

  • Experience with CoffeeScript, Node.js, RequireJS or other JavaScript-based libraries/languages

  • Experience with version control systems (preferably Git)

  • Experience with streaming video, video on demand and DRM.

  • Experience in other programming languages (preferably PHP, Java or Objective-C)

We can offer:

  • Fulltime position

  • Market conform salary and benefits

  • Salary and benefits matching your experience

  • Passionate colleagues in a strong supportive team

  • Training in personal leadership, communication & Lean startup

  • Room for your own ideas and lots of responsibility, based on trust

  • An informal culture with the freedom to balance work and private life

  • A fun atmosphere with also table football, darts and the newest game-consoles

    • Bonuses:

      • Additional half of salary paid as bonus vacation allowance in May

      • 1 additional week of vacation – total 25 vacation days

      • Meal vouchers

      • Floating working time

      • Home-office after confirmation

      • English lessons at the work

      • Pension allowance 2000 CZK per month after trial period

      • Cafeteria system

      • Fruits and drinks during the day (Cola, water, tea, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers in our fridge)

      • Company events (discover new bars and not only European cities)

      • Team buildings - what do you like to do in your free time? Skiing? Laser game? Rafting? OK, let’s do it together!

We are currently expanding our team in Brno with people who are passionate about technology, curious about TV, eager to learn and who would like to work in the young, informal team which has a lot of fun while trying to conquer the world. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

Interested? Some question? Want to be a part of our team? Great! Send us your CV, cover letter and contact details at

24i Media CZ s.r.o.

At 24i Media, we engineer the future of TV and mobile apps: personalized engagements with TV viewers by the use of TV and mobile apps. We service industry leaders worldwide, like RTL, FOX, Nuevo Siglo, Deutsche Glasfaser Medien and many early adopters of this explosively growing market.

We conceive, develop and maintain innovative TV applications for high-value live and on-demand video delivery. We create the best user experience on all internet-connected screens: from SmartTVs to game consoles, from set-top boxes to mobile devices. We offer standard and on-demand TV applications, and we support the deployment of TV apps. We do this by licensing our production framework and by giving access to our TV laboratory, QA processes and knowledge databases.

The innovative media technology team of 24i consists of almost 60 professionals, with offices in Amsterdam, Brno, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. Our informal culture and the freedom to balance work and private life strongly support our team spirit, our joint commitment and our innovative capacities. And all our teams consist of several people worldwide to enforce our collective 24i team spirit.

"With our team we build the most innovative tablet and smartphone apps even Steve Jobs couldn’t think off."

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