Project/Program Manager Aktuální

Zaměstnanec s možností získání podílu

Join Sapho, Silicon Valley based startup with fresh $14,000,000 in funding!

If we had to describe this position in one sentence it would be something like "experienced business person/manager with tech background ". You won't ever touch the code or actual designs but you need to uderstand what and how are your colleagues working on. Your job would be to deal with various tasks and projects assigned by our current program manager.

Can you handle managing several diverse projects at once? Can you see storms coming from afar? Are you comfortable solving "this can't be done" situations? Then you might be what we are looking for. Suitable for both juniors and veterans, boys and girls. 

A number of things you could do is endless so this role will be adjusted to suit the chosen candidate's skill-set. The more things from the list below you are familiar with the better (we know nobody will know them all):

  • written and spoken Czech and English 
  • project management
  • people management
  • crisis management
  • process management
  • product management
  • business and partnership development
  • online/offline marketing (ATL/BTL)
  • PR
  • HR
  • basics of frontend programming (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • basics of backend programming
  • basics of computer networking
  • basics of relational databases and SQL
  • UI/UX
  • vector/raster graphics
  • experience with enterprise software (SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, etc.)

Besides very relaxed work environment, we offer great salary, flexible working hours, pure startup culture, no corporate BS, new challenge every day and of course all that stuff everyone has (vacations, coffee, sick-days, team-buildings, etc.).

This role is suitable for a broad spectrum of candidates with various backgrounds so don’t hesitate and send us your CV or LinkedIn!


Work at Sapho

Sapho is changing how people work. We experience this today in our flexible, fast-paced work environment. Be part of that future. Join us today!

At Sapho, we are looking for elite self-starting talent who are able to channel their energy into making customers successful, have pride in their craft and craftsmanship, are curious about how things work, and love the concept of working in an intellectually honest environment where the best idea wins. Sound like you?

A Unique Combination of Silicon Valley and Prague

Sapho is headquartered in Silicon Valley with its core technology development based in Prague. Both our front-end and back-end development is lead from our office located in the historical heart of central Prague.

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