Unique technology, unique environment, the unique power of people who are more family than anything else. Simply unique startups ride in a historic villa in Brno. That is is an innovative global search engine for plane tickets focused on the combination of non-cooperating airlines to find unique flight connections and quotations of tickets convenient for passengers through advanced technological solution. is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the region, whose monthly turnover exceeds EUR 25 million and is still growing.

Join the family and become a member of our team who strive for success and celebrate with style.

Bread & games

Our teambuildingis a thing of legend: We drink, we eat, we play, we dance, and we jump. Always like a boss.

Bones & technology

No more getting stuck in a rut, we are busy changing the rigid tracks of travelling. Our technology is unique and unparalleled, the world over.


We are not dictators... We just want to make every team member feel responsible for the future of world travelling. Because this is what we are, the future.

Id & superego

Got personality? Then this is the pace for you to grow.

Sweat & blood

We work at 110 %. We sweat blood supporting each other from collapse. But this doesn’t mean we can’t have a beer after.

Vila & 20th Century

Based in an early 1920s villa, we know what luxury is.

Current job offers

Frontend Coder
Brno Full-time

Senior HTML/CSS Developer - work on core product!
Brno Full-time

Product Designer for
Brno Full-time

Mobile Designer
Brno Full-time

Android Developer
Brno Full-time

iOS Developer
Brno Full-time

Javascript Developer (React)
Praha Brno Full-time

Python Developer (D&A Team)
Brno Full-time

Backend Python Developer (Core project)
Praha Brno Full-time

User Experience Researcher
Brno Full-time

C++ Developer-Enthusiast wanted!
Brno Full-time

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Where can you find us

Květná 34