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Praha, Prague 1
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Full-time, Part-time, Internship

We are building a SaaS platform that helps product companies better understand the needs of their customers so they can build what truly matters. And we need your help. 


What are we looking for?

  • You have previous experiences building web apps using frameworks like React, Vue.js or Angular.
  • You understand functional programming principles.
  • You are following a well-crafted feed on Twitter (or alternative service) to learn about the latest trends in web development.
  • You are spending too much time on polishing your editor / CLI configs or improving your tooling.
  • You have an appreciation for great design and building features that customers will want to lick.
  • You can effectively communicate in English.


What do we offer?

  • Competitive compensation package, including stock options.
  • New MacBook Pro (or another notebook of your choice) + 34" monitor
  • Budget for books, online courses, and conferences
  • Unlimited supply of Mate Mate and ☕️
  • Budget for Uber when staying late in the office
  • MultiSport card for working out
  • Trip to our San Francisco office


What tools and technologies we ❤️?

ES7, React, Flux, Redux, GraphQL, Webpack, Immutable.js, Flow, Prettier, Node.js, Elastic, Ruby, Rails, Redis, Heroku, AWS, CircleCI, Keboola, GoodData, Intercom, Slack, productboard and Docker.


How do we work?

We work in small cross-functional teams that usually consist of 3 developers, a designer, and a product manager. The teams work closely together towards a specific goal in mind to help our customers be even more awesome.

As a developer you will be part of the whole feature development lifecycle, starting with the discussion what to focus on and why. You will see all the feedback we collected from our customers linked in this cool tool called productboard, and you will be encouraged to come up with your ideas or objections.

Before we build well architected, scalable, and production ready features, we like to test our assumptions first. You will be able to help our product discovery efforts by quickly hacking together prototypes that can be validated with our customers. You will get the chance to test different design and architecture options to make sure we pick the best one for delivery.

When we build features, we like to pair on complex problems, conduct detailed code reviews and deploy small changes daily. When you ship your feature to production, you will be entitled to go to Intercom and respond to customers that asked for that feature and enjoy all the love. It is especially rewarding since our customers are among the brightest product minds in the industry.

productboard is a platform for strategic product design and management headquartered in San Francisco, California. We are a funded Silicon Valley startup with additional presence in Prague, Czech Republic. We have years of startups experience and access to the best minds and investors in Silicon Valley. Join Us!

productboard helps Product Strategists, Managers, Marketers and Designers to design and build products customers will actually love and buy. We give them the answers to "What is the functionality that a product should have and what is the sequence in which features should be built given the desired target audience and competitive landscape."

productboard is a modular SaaS platform that combines process best practices with cutting edge visualizations and interactions. We bring structure, transparency and alignment to product strategy and prioritization. We empower Product Managers to define target customer segments and understand their goals and critical scenarios with clarity that has never been achieved before. 

Sales people have Salesforce, Engineers have JIRA and Github, Product Managers now have productboard.

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