Spaceknow: “Let's make the world better!“

Martin Gálik, Recruitment Manager from Spaceknow, says that one of the most important thing for building a startup is individual responsibility.  Do you want to know their plans for future or how they can make the world better? Read on...


What does Spaceknow do?

Spaceknow is a satellite data analytics company with a mission to bring transparency to the global economy. At the moment we offer several analytics products. Our flagship product is Spaceknow Analytics, which is an online interface accessible through our website. It provides an one-point access to the largest archive of historical satellite imagery in the world, which enables users to analyze any location on Earth. Not only that users can view historical satellite imagery, but they can also observe changes across time, count cars or view social media photos tagged at a given location. Another of our products is Watchdog that automatically monitors locations and then sends users alerts once new satellite imagery is released. We also develop trading indices that are based on satellite imagery thanks to which they are completely unbiased and highly reliable. For example, our China Satellite Manufacturing Index (SMI), which is featured on the Bloomberg Terminal, provides traders with alternative data to China’s official data. And, of course, we also provide personalized solutions.


Why did you founded Spaceknow?

Pavel Machalek and Jerry Javornicky founded Spaceknow together to help the world’s firms, governments, NGOs and individuals to track, measure and optimize the flow of global commerce. Using satellite technology Spaceknow’s team seeks to bring prosperity, security and peace to the world by making the global economy more transparent.


What is your inspiration?

We love our product. It is our inspiration, ambition and our ultimate challenge! We are really excited disrupting the market with our solutions! We also love combining cutting edge technologies with the immensely growing world of satellite imagery!

What do you consider as the biggest success of Spaceknow?

Well, our product is out of this world awesome, but the biggest asset is our team! We managed to gather the best and the most talented people who love what they do and are able to continuously bring new ideas and solutions to the table. We value our people, and that is reflected in our rigorous hiring process! 


What are your plans for future?

Make the world a better place through analysis of satellite images! We mean it! It is incredible what information you are able to extract from satellite images, and it is even more incredible how much positive impact it has on our customers! So, we want to change the world by making our customer happy!


What kind of people are you searching for your team?

Smart, ambitious, talented, motivated, independent within a team player mentality, hard-working (and english proficient). We look for enthusiasts, for passionate entrepreneurial geniuses who enjoy to explore the unexplored, develop undeveloped and to see things yet unseen. If you are able to see things from above, you are the right guy!


How do you differ from your competitors?

We are a startup and we are goal oriented. Individual responsibility is everything. We love and value your ideas. Creativity is nourished and individual proactiveness is appreciated rather than suppressed.
Well, and our product is probably just something completely different than you have ever seen.


What do you consider as the most important thing for building startups?

We love what we do and want to share the enthusiasm with you and the world. Small details matter and eventual usability of our products is of high importance, so the product orientation is not just a phrase! We think internationally and only sky is the limit.


How does the typical day in Spaceknow look like?

How you schedule your workday is generally up to you. We encourage personal responsibility for time management as well as your work results; therefore, we won’t track when you enter or leave the office.
Oh and if you love coffee you come to the right place, we consider good and quality coffee as standard to produce good work results!


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